Optimize your lifestyle!

To get more out of every day and increase our quality of life, we need a guiding light and a framework to support us on the journey ahead. Society teaches us to produce, but not to sort out what we value in life, what is important to us. We need to sort out what priorities we have in life and then set up a framework so that we can implement what we prioritize. This is the core of being able to optimize your lifestyle. Setting goals for your health, your relationships, and personal growth are just as important as setting goals within the job.
As you take the time to explore different areas of your life, you will discover that by doing so, and then by clarifying and measuring your everyday actions that are linked to your life visions, you will feel more in line with yourself, more motivated and more encouraged to push yourself further and work harder for the things that really matter to you. Honestly facing your own reality, making conscious decisions and executing will help you increase both your productivity, fulfillment and quality of life.

Successful companies usually have a map of the values that should permeate the organization, what vision you want to achieve, why you want to achieve the vision and a strategy to get there. To be successful as a person, whatever success means to you, you also need to create a map of your life. Without a map, there is a risk of us going in circles or standstill.

A lot of people have no map of their own lives. They feel that they don't hold the reins themselves and drive, but that life just happens. We rarely reflect on who we are and where we want in life, we just carry on. Your own ROADMAP is a way to start taking the reins and steer your life in a specific direction. Your ROADMAP helps you to create clarity about who you are, what you want out of life and a plan to get there.


This is a fun, exciting and profound experience that guides you towards your personal vision of success within 
7 key areas in your life - health, growth, character, relationships, finances, career and quality of life.

Designing your own ROADMAP is about discovering what you really want out of life.

You'll get:

 ✔ Clarity about what you want in every area of your life.
 ✔ Your why you want what you want.
 ✔ A plan on how to get there.

Your why is the fuel
Why do you want to achieve your vision? What gives you the energy to move you forward? Identify your deeper purpose for creating fuel to do what is needed, to get where you want.

Set the compass
Create clarity. What do you want out of life? What do you want to achieve? Identify what feels exciting and make you curious. Create the right mindset to help you achieve your vision.

Find your HOW
How do you achieve your vision? Identify what actions you need to take and what habits and skills you need to sharpen or change, to create the life you want.


DESIGN YOUR OWN ROADMAP is a 10-week program. With a structured 3-step rocket you create a map of who you want to be and where you want to go in life. You get clarity on what you want out of life and why. This will be your beacon, your vision that will guide you forward. Designing your own ROADMAP is about making the change from within and finding what is right for you and your own way to get there. Your ROADMAP is created by you, for you.


During your reflection process, you will look at 7 different life categories and what visions, goals, mindset and strategies that will help you find your direction in life. It's about finding what's right for you and your own way to get there.


Once you have created visions, goals, mindset and strategies within your 7 life categories, these will end up in a life vision. Your life vision is your guiding star and all your choices and actions must align with it, to achieve what you want in life.


Now is the time to put your life vision into practice. What habits need to be installed and what actions do you need to take to make your life vision come true? What do you need to tighten or remove? This is where your "HOW" becomes clear so you can start driving.


                                                                           ✔  10 modules on how to create your own ROADMAP
                                                                           ✔  Videos, audio recordings, PDF files and reflection material

                                                                           ✔  Introduction live on phone/Zoom (1 hour)
                                                                           ✔  Support on phone/Zoom or e-mail for 10 weeks (total 4 hours)
                                                                           ✔  Templates and examples for building your own ROADMAP

                                                                           ✔  The book "Mind Hacking for Rebels"


$ 990 


For anyone who wants to achieve one or more of the goals below:

✔ Create inner change
✔ Find direction in life
✔ Build self-confidence
✔ Create action
✔ Find inner clarity

✔ Become happier
✔ Grow as a human being
✔ Create success in your life
✔ Become more productive
✔ Have fun in life

✔ Stop procrastinating
✔ Get more energy
✔ Achieve your goals
✔ Create more self-esteem
✔ Create meaning in your life

Do you want to go on an adventure?


This is something everyone should learn in school. To reflect on where you want to go in life and create an action plan. I've had such a benefit from my ROADMAP and my life vision. I always check that my choices, priorities and actions are in line with my vision. I am well on my way to achieving goals that I never thought were achievable.


This is the absolute best thing I have done in my life. Now I know where I'm going and I know exactly how to do it. My goals and visions have never been clearer and more enticing than now.

From wandering around in my life planlessly and just letting things happen, I now have a laser sight on my vision. I just love looking at my vision every day and I feel inspired to get there, even though I run into obstacles and problems from time to time. I don't deviate an inch from my vision and I now have a drive forward that I didn't have before. I am so grateful for my ROADMAP.

With my ROADMAP I have achieved balance between work and my private life. I have found my priorities in life and I have peeled away a lot of unnecessary things, that consumed both my time and my energy. This is truly a great tool!

I wondered why I should have a ROADMAP - I'm 70 years old. But then I realized that I have many years left to live and I really want to make the best of life. So I created a map that suited me and I'm so happy I did. Now it is full speed ahead.

The best thing about THE ROADMAP was that it wasn't a method or ready-made solution that I must follow. No one size fits all. Instead, I got to dive inside myself and find my own way. That's when it feels more true and inspiring.