It is so incredibly inspiring to hear how many people discussing the book Mind Hacking for Rebels with their loved ones at the breakfast table, at the womens' meeting, during their walk or in the local book club.

Why not do a digital book event with me and your friends, colleagues, family, book lovers…

For 2 hours you get access to all my knowledge and experience about subconscious programs that block your success and how to take control of your brain. Together we discuss important highlights in the book and you have the opportunity to ask questions and get specific tips for yourself and your situation.
You can choose:
  • READY, GO... Book event where all participants have received their books, but haven't started reading yet. I recommend that the participants have read chapters 1-2 if possible, to get the most out of the event. Here the participant gets a perfect start to be able to utilize the book in the best way. 
  • ON THE MOVE. Book event where all participants have read the book in whole or in part. Here the participants get an opportunity to straighten out any question marks and get more practical tips on how they can apply everythinng in everyday life.
  • If your book club is really eager, you can book both READY, GO… and ON THE MOVE.
Price: € 350 / $430 for the whole event (applies only to private individuals).
Number: Max 20 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Zoom
Payment: When booking, the entire amount is invoiced to ONE contact person. Payment must be received by Karin Tydén before the book event.
Other: The contact person fills in an Excel sheet with the name and email address of all participants. Email to Karin Tydén 14 days before the book event. Each participant then receives an email from Karin Tydén with information about preparations and Zoom link. 
The book "Mind Hacking for Rebels" can be ordered here.

If you have a company, there is an option to do specially adapted arrangements. Contact me for more information.

For inquiries/booking a digital book event, please contact Karin Tydén,
+46 708-16 99 08,


It was a wonderful experience for us all. I think everyone got something to think about and take back with them afterward, which is not always true when one is in a lecture. Thanks Karin Tydén! If you have not heard her yet - do it. 
Helena Wennerström, Head of Sales at Helsingborgs IF

The lecture was a great success. Karin has the ability to enthuse and create interest. With her positive appearance, she captivates her audience in an unexpected way. Karin is concrete and shares practical advice. 
Maria Relke, REB at Capgemini

Karin has the ability to engage and captivate her audience. We got useful information about how the brain works, and a lot of insights. 
Elisabeth Lestapier, culture assistant at City of Helsingborg

Karin was a great inspiration at our event Health Talk Live and left no participants unaffected! Her lecture was fascinating and filled with new knowledge and insights.
Victoria Carinci, health coach Vitalista and Health Talk with Lotta and Victoria

Karin Tydén was absolutely magical at the lecture. Her expertise is exceptional and she literally enchants the entire audience. Incredibly good! Highly recommended!
Magdalena Lundberg, Inredningskurser 

THANK YOU for your fantastic, rewarding and entertaining seminar. You're FIERCE! You make the hidden tangible and have the ability to read between the lines. We got a real boost to maximize our potential.
Adela Carlsson, the POW network

Karin taught us how to increase our own power of action and how we can utilize a larger part of the brain's capacity. We left the conference inspired and we can highly recommend Karin as a speaker!
Sussi Lindeberg, TV4