How you define spirituality is very personal. In modern times we often refer to spirituality as a subjective experience of a sacred dimension and our deepest values and meaning by which we live. 

Spirituality is not about rules, dogmas or doctrines. It doesn’t have to include feathers, crystals or burning incent.
Spirituality is about discovering the Self. A spiritual life gives you direction and meaning to all you do and all you are.
Spiritual maturity doesn’t just happen. It requires intention, time, and effort in order to harvest its benefits. A spiritual grown-up never arrives. They know that one must work consistently to live up to their highest ideals. But they also know that the joy is in the journey. The goal is an ever-evolving maturity into wisdom and functionality in the Cosmic playground. 

As a Soul Alchemist, I help you with your spiritual roadmap, so you can richer and more direct relationship with the Universe, Source, Force, Nature or whatever you call it. You will tap into your wiser Higher Self, the part of you that has the answers and knows your true direction in life.

This deep inner change will create ripple effects in your inner Universe. It is here you can bend the Matrix and alter the reality. Your soul will awaken. Grow. Heal. You will transform your struggles into assets. Get clarity around your path. Find your deepest desires. Find your inner strength. Connect to yourself. Connect to your truth. Find joy and fulfillment.

During the workshop, we hold space for your soul to express itself. A deep conversation to help you discover who you really are. Since I have made this journey myself, I will guide you as one seeker to another.

I have found that integrating spiritual techniques results in extraordinary growth and healing. By blending hypnosis, deep transformational coaching, healing, guided meditations, energy clearing and balancing, I help you connect to your SOUL.
This private workshop is intense and only for you who are willing to explore yourself on a very deep level.

What is spiritual maturity?
  • It is a process of developing healthy and life-giving ways of relating to yourself, to others and the environment.
  • It means having the courage to welcome whatever emotion is happening, to let reality be what it is. It means being willing to allow the full mystery, majesty and catastrophe that is the human experience. We don’t stop feeling, but we stop fearing and judging our emotions. We embrace our imperfect humanness.
  • It’s about the willingness and bravery to bring down the walls around your heart, so that you can live the full human experience: joy, sadness, and all the rest. Because a closed heart is a dead heart, and you miss life.
  • It means living with a warrior’s heart, a more vulnerable heart. It means being willing to face ourselves, risk things, be steady, and to let life come in and also to let it leave.

Are you ready to AWAKEN?


  • The session is about 5 hours and you book it here. The session is IRL with me in Malmo, Sweden. If you want to do the session in a location of your choice, please contact me for price and practical arrangements. 
  • To prepare your soul for the journey, the session includes ceremonial herbs.
  • I recommend you rest after the session. You need space to integrate what you have experienced.

€ 900 / $ 1100


  • Your life is guided by a core set of higher principles and values.
  • You show love and empathy towards yourself and others. You care for the needs of the less fortunate.
  • You maintain your childlike sense of wonder. You see new things. You see wonder and beauty in things.
  • You have an abundance mindset, but you are wary of the dangers of excess.
  • You work to achieve what you want. You can delay gratification. You accept that you don’t always get what you want because you know that some things are not good for you in the long run or the timing is not right. 

  • You dare to be joyful and celebrate life. You are not afraid it will be taken away or that you are not worthy of joy. You practice gratitude.
  • You practice personal responsibility. You reflect on a regular basis on your deeper intentions around why you do things. You examine your actions so that they are in line with your values. You don’t blame other people or circumstances when things go wrong.
  • You are trustworthy and you keep your word. You take time to evaluate if you are going to take on a new commitment.
  • You are letting go of resentment and you forgive.
  • You accept what cannot be changed. You place your focus on what you can influence.


Wow! It was magical! It cracked me open and made me reevaluate my whole life. The insights I got, I could never get them without the help of Karin. She is a rock and I felt so safe with her. I will definitely do this again. And I am so grateful for my decision to do it in Glastonbury, a spiritual hot-spot that maximized the experience. 

Client, England

One step on the path up to The Château de Montségur, I broke down. So much grief came over me, about my journey here on Earth. Karin foresaw everything the night before but didn't mention it to me, since she didn't want to influence my experience. I could feel very old guilt leaving my soul, and I could breathe again. It felt that I finally could allow myself to be happy again, that I was worthy. When we compared notes afterwards, it was amazing how accurate Karin had been. This was worth more than 1000 hours of therapy. Karin is magical!

Client, France

Karin really has a sixth sense. She knew exactly what I needed, long before I knew myself. She helped me over so many hurdles deep down in my soul. I am a former singer but haven't sung for many, many years. My voice has been silent for a very long time. The very next day, I climbed up a hill on a sacred site,  and I sang with an open heart. A year later I met Karin again in Malta, and it was pure joy to meet her. Everything in my life had changed and I am finally happy. 

Client, Mexico

I love Karin's approach to spirituality. I have never considered myself spiritual, because I have never been interested in past lives, auras, tarot cards, crystals or caftans. But I was very intrigued by how Karin defines spirituality, and therefore I gave it a try. It was the most eye-opening thing I have ever done in my life. I now understand myself on a deeper level, and it feels like I have added an extra dimension to my life. I am much more satisfied in life. I will definitely do this on a regular basis. 

Client, Sweden

I just want to say two words: DO IT! You don't have to be "spiritual" in the conventional meaning. You just need to be willing to grow on a deeper level. And boy, Karin takes you deep. Deeper than you realized that you can go. And it is deep down here, where the real shifts happen. The journey with Karin has changed how I see myself, my life, and what is important. 
Client, New York