MIND HACKING for rebels - take command over your brain in 8 weeks

Mind Hacking, a new and effective way to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You will be guided on an exciting journey into your subconscious operating system, The Matrix, and you will learn smart and simple #mindhacks so you can use more of your potential. You will learn how to hack your subconscious programming that controls 95% of your day and how to take command over your brain and your life.

Karin Tydén is active in over 25 countries and is today one of Europe's sharpest minds in Mind Hacking. She has an almost supernatural ability to understand and "hack" the mechanics behind people's subconscious patterns and create new and better strategies in life. Karin has helped thousands of people to maximize their potential and is often the coaches coach. Karin is a multi award winning coach and has previously worked as a TV-producer, Brand Manager and PR consultant.
  • Winner European Enterprise Award 2019 - Recognized Leader in Mental Health Training Services. 
  • Winner "Life Coach of the Year”- Corporate Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020.

Over 6.000 people have attended the seminar MIND HACKING for rebels. 

Length: 45 min-2 hours

For inquiries/booking of a seminar, please contact Karin Tydén,
+46 708-16 99 08,


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It was a wonderful experience for us all. I think everyone got something to think about and take back with them afterwards, which is not always true when one is on a lecture. Karin gave us the tools, and I already know that many vent back to their workplaces and discussed everything with their colleagues. If you have not heard her yet - do it. 

Helena Wennerström, Head of Sales at Helsingborgs IF

The lecture was a great success. Karin has an ability to enthuse and create interest. With her positive appearance she captivates her audience in an unexpected way. Karin is concrete and clarifies with real examples. In addition, she shares practical advice on how to achieve one's goals. I warmly recommend her seminars to anyone who wants to be inspired to reach their goals.

Maria Relke, REB at Capgemini

Karin has an ability to engage and captivate her audience. She is specific, straight forward and giving good examples. We got useful information about how the brain works, and a lot of insights. We also got some tools that we could have with us in life. We have already received inquiries about Karin coming again, which is not entirely impossible.
Elisabeth Lestapier, culture assistant at City of Helsingborg

Karin was a great inspiration at our event Health Talk Live and left no participants unaffected! Her lecture was fascinating and filled with new knowledge and insights, mixed with her own experiences and results from client work, which became a powerful and inspiring mix. The participants also got tools to take them to the next level of success in life!
Victoria Carinci, health coach Vitalista and Health Talk with Lotta and Victoria

Karin Tydén was absolutely magical at the lecture with us at Interior Design courses. Her expertise in the field of Mind Hacking is exceptional and she literally enchants the entire audience. She has a unique ability to keep listeners alert and interested throughout the lecture. The audience also got some hacks with them to be able to reprogram their unique matrix and find their inner GPS. Incredibly good! Highly recommended!
Magdalena Lundberg, Inredningskurser 

THANK YOU for your fantastically rewarding and entertaining seminar with minhacks, tips and tricks to use when the subconscious needs a reprogramming. You're FIERCE! You make the hidden tangible and have the ability to read between the lines. We got a real boost to maximize our potential for the new decade.
Adela Carlsson, the POW network

We invited Karin to our conference because our content was about change. Karin taught us how to increase our own energy, power of action and how we can utilize a larger part of the brain's capacity with relatively simple means. We left the conference inspired, relaxed and we can highly recommend Karin as a speaker!
Sussi Lindeberg, TV4​​​​​​​