Everything happens here and now - in real time!

95% of our day we are directed by our subconscious mind, our Matrix. It contains all the code we have been programmed with since we were born. The subconscious is like a large database. Here, all our experiences, beliefs, memories and skills are stored. Everything we have learned and everything that our surroundings have programmed us with. How we should act in order to be loved, accepted and safe. How to avoid pain. What is right and wrong. What we are allowed, or not, to think, feel and do. What is possible and what isn't. What we can or cannot do. Our self-value, or lack thereof. This is a fantastic survival mechanism created by nature. A child must quickly learn to understand his or her surroundings and all its rules in order to be loved, accepted, understood and safe. All of this stored information forms our operating system, our Matrix, which every day activates different programs and directs us in order for us to survive, feel good and function in our society. Most of what we think, feel and do is directed by this operating system.

The problem arises when we are completely unconsciously ruled by these programs 20-30-40 years later. So if as a toddler you hid behind the couch to feel safe when mom and dad were arguing, then maybe you are hiding as a manager in your room when conflicts in the company arise. The program that was installed as a child to protect you and make you feel less afraid still controls your behavior as an adult, even if it isn't the best approach. Everyone has programs like this and many times we find them extremely frustrating, and we don't understand why we react the way we do in certain situations. It's simple - it's just an old program that has never been updated, that has been activated.

Open Circle is a workshop (at least 10 participants) where you upgrade your Matrix. A space where you can check-in and connect with people who, just like you, want to grow, expand, explore and flourish. Who wants to make a difference in the world and live a life that means something. We learn from each other. We help each other. We respect each other. We share our fears, shortcomings and setbacks and celebrate our courage, our strengths and victories. Together!

During an Open Circle, you are as active as I am. Everything happens here and now in real-time.
  • You get help to understand how your subconscious Matrix works, both in general and specifically for you.
  • You can ask questions and start exploring where your brakes, blockages and fears come from.
  • You get insights that help you release the brake and accelerate.
  • Experience breakthroughs both for yourself and others in real-time.
  • Learn to take charge of yourself and your life. To own your own POWER and FREEDOM!

Why not open the door to an exciting adventure and dialogue, both with others and your subconscious Matrix?

Arrangement: This is a pre-booked event for closed groups. The group decides time, place and who will participate in the event.
Length: 1,5-4 hours
Minimum number of participants: 10
It's possible to choose a theme.

A public Open Circle where the public can book a spot, occurs from time to time. These are announced here and in the newsletter.

For inquiries/booking of an Open Circle, please contact Karin Tydén,
+46 708-16 99 08,


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It was a wonderful experience for us all. I think everyone got something to think about and take back with them afterward, which is not always true when one is in a lecture. Thanks Karin Tydén! If you have not heard her yet - do it. 

Helena Wennerström, Head of Sales at Helsingborgs IF

The lecture was a great success. Karin has the ability to enthuse and create interest. With her positive appearance, she captivates her audience in an unexpected way. Karin is concrete and shares practical advice. 

Maria Relke, REB at Capgemini

Karin has the ability to engage and captivate her audience. We got useful information about how the brain works, and a lot of insights. 
Elisabeth Lestapier, culture assistant at City of Helsingborg

Karin was a great inspiration at our event Health Talk Live and left no participants unaffected! Her lecture was fascinating and filled with new knowledge and insights.
Victoria Carinci, health coach Vitalista and Health Talk with Lotta and Victoria

Karin Tydén was absolutely magical at the lecture. Her expertise is exceptional and she literally enchants the entire audience. Incredibly good! Highly recommended!
Magdalena Lundberg, Inredningskurser 

THANK YOU for your fantastic, rewarding and entertaining seminar. You're FIERCE! You make the hidden tangible and have the ability to read between the lines. We got a real boost to maximize our potential.
Adela Carlsson, the POW network

Karin taught us how to increase our own power of action and how we can utilize a larger part of the brain's capacity. We left the conference inspired and we can highly recommend Karin as a speaker!
Sussi Lindeberg, TV4