"The breath is a door, Without the breath, what is there?
It’s where you and I and everyone else began. It’s where all life begins."
- Wim Hof

Transform how you think and feel by using your breath. Breath Coaching is a safe and easy way to quickly reduce stress, balance your energy, create mental focus and improve your sleep. Unlike meditation that can sometimes feel frustrating and that getting results takes time, Breath Coaching is very easily accessible and you experience results already from the first session.

Breathing vs. Meditation
There is an incredible number of apps, books and meditation courses sold. The problem is that very few people actually practice meditation in everyday life. Lack of time, difficulties sitting still, focus, relax and that you don't notice changes fast enough, are some excuses. This is where breathing comes in. In traditional yoga, breathing exercises have always been taught as a stepping stone to meditation. Breathing is different. It is easy to practice. Proper breathing automatically puts you in a meditative state. You can more easily keep your mental focus and the exercises are short and powerful. Think of breathing as an active form of meditation, with the same benefits as regular meditation, though with faster results.

Simple and effective breathing
Breathing doesn't have to be complicated or mysterious. All breathing exercises are really about affecting your nervous system in one of three ways - parasympathetic, sympathetic, or a balance between them. You will learn simple and effective breathing techniques that can be learned quickly to boost your energy, balance and center yourself, or unwind, without strange Sanskrit names or complicated hand positions.

Presentation Karin Tydén
Karin Tydén is a certified Breathing Coach and has also trained for Wim Hof, the man with 26 world records for cold endurance. Karin is also one of Europe's sharpest Mind Hackers and has worked with thousands of clients in over 25 countries. She has helped many people achieve success and is often the coaches' coach.

  • Increased energy in minutes
  • Stronger mental focus and increased creativity
  • Reduced stress and less anxiety
  • More balanced and centered
  • Boosted digestion and improved sleep
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Effective breathing techniques for different needs.
  • Simple, science-based approach that suits everyone.
  • Practical guide in PDF-format.
  • Audio recordings with guided breathing sessions for home use.
  • The workshop is 2 hours. No prior knowledge is needed.
  • The workshop is offered at your location in Sweden or on Zoom.
  • Email me about prices for private lessons, groups or companies.
  • Breathwork is not suitable if you are pregnant. If you have serious health conditions, always consult your doctor before participation. 

Open workshops are regularly offered to you as an individual, 
either on-site in Sweden or on Zoom.

No open workshop is offered at the moment.

(open workshop)

595 SEK

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So useful, and above all so simple !!!


I've had a bad conscience for a long time because I don't meditate, even though I know I should. Now I breathe a few minutes every morning and I feel a greater calm.


I've never been interested in meditating. But I think breathing is great. In the morning it gives me energy and in the evening it has helped me to sleep better.


I never thought that some simple breathing techniques could make such a big difference. But I feel so much better. I have more energy, feel happier and I am not as stressed as before.


I have suffered a lot from anxiety, but with the breathing exercises, I have got a greater calm. I feel more balanced. The advantage is that it only takes a few minutes to do the exercises and yet they give such a great effect