Change your game.

I focus on the raw material – the coworker, the manager, the team. It doesn’t help to have good strategies, tools or routines if the raw material is not in top condition. A top coworker needs to have strong self-confidence, be confident in themselves and rely on their ability to perform the required work duties, meet challenges, bring in the business, lead the employees...
I myself worked as a manager, top seller and team leader with major customers such as Coca-Cola, Investor, Procter & Gamble, Swedish Television and Microsoft.

I work both with teams and individually to quickly and efficiently strengthen the coworkers' self-confidence so that they can connect with their drive. Together with each co-worker, I find out what stops him or her from moving forward, performing on top, and making sure to find the right paths to reach the finish line.

The setup is individual for each company, but usually contains an initial meeting with needs analysis, a workshop with the company or team + individual coaching with each coworker, for 1 month up to 1 year.

Are you a Manager?
My specialty is to develop managers' potential. To make you as a manager stronger, smarter, more secure and more motivated, so you can lead yourself, your coworkers, and your business to success. Together we will lift you to the next level.
I help you to connect with the right driving forces, to make better decisions, perform better, be clearer, dare more... But also to find yourself, joy of life and a deeper meaning.

E-mail me for a general or tailor-made offer as well as prices.


Now that I have become more secure, I can lead with more security.
Swedish Politician

Today I lead my staff in a completely different way. I'm calm, maintaining my focus, pushing in a good way. My staff has noticed the changes and I get praise for how I lead. The best thing about Karin's mentorship is that she never lets you out of her sight.

I have improved my performances, which has led to an increased turnover for the company by 20%. I have a clear direction and a focus that I didn't have before. Karin's mentorship is unique.

I travel all over the world and have an annual budget of over 300 million. Without Karin's help, I had never been able to coop with my schedule and that I always need to perform at my very best. She is my anchor when it's storming and she has helped me become a secure and distinct leader, despite a sometimes crazy work schedule.