I focus on the raw material – the coworker, the manager, the team. It doesn’t help to have good strategies, tools or routines if the raw material is not in top condition. A top coworker needs to have strong self-confidence, be confident in themselves and rely on their ability to perform the required work duties, meet challenges, bring in the business, lead the employees...
I myself worked as a manager, top seller and team leader with major customers such as Coca-Cola, Investor, Procter & Gamble, Swedish Television and Microsoft.

I work both with teams and individually to quickly and efficiently strengthen the coworkers' self-confidence so that they can connect with their drive. Together with each co-worker, I find out what stops him or her from moving forward, performing on top, and making sure to find the right paths to reach the finish line.

The setup is individual for each company, but usually contains an initial meeting with needs analysis, a workshop with the company or team + individual coaching with each coworker, for 1 month up to 1 year.

E-mail me for a general or tailor-made offer as well as prices.


A crash course in how to direct your brain towards phenomenal success

  • Do you want better confidence?
  • Do you want to get things done?
  • Do you want to get rid of bad habits?
  • Do you want to dare more?
Karin Tydén, one of Europe's best Mind Hackers who has worked with thousands of clients worldwide, helps you understand how your subconscious works and how you break old patterns to accelerate your personal development. You can create better self-confidence and more action in your life right after the seminar.

Length: 45 min-2 hours


It was a wonderful experience for us all. I think everyone got something to think about and take back with them afterwards, which is not always true when one is on a lecture. Karin gave us the tools, and I already know that many vent back to their workplaces and discussed everything with their colleagues. If you have not heard her yet - do it. 
Helena Wennerström, Head of Sales at Helsingborgs IF

The lecture was a great success. Karin has an ability to enthuse and create interest. With her positive appearance she captivates her audience in an unexpected way. Karin is concrete and clarifies with real examples. In addition, she shares practical advice on how to achieve one's goals. I warmly recommend her seminars to anyone who wants to be inspired to reach their goals.
Maria Relke, REB at Capgemini

Karin has an ability to engage and captivate her audience. She is specific, straight forward and giving good examples. We got useful information about how the brain works, and a lot of insights. We also got some tools that we could have with us in life. We have already received inquiries about Karin coming again, which is not entirely impossible.
Elisabeth Lestapier, culture assistant at City of Helsingborg


For inquiries/bookings of lecture and
masterclass, please contact Karin Tydén,
+46 708-16 99 08, info@karintyden.se

The lecture and masterclass can be 
tailored to specific needs and varied
in both content and timeframe.