VIP coaching 24/7

If you are a successful leader within your field, you are brilliant in some areas, but you have your blind spots and in some areas you don’t have the same success. You simply don’t have the same balance in all areas of your life.

Great leaders need great coaching
With my special skills and training in Coaching Elite Top Performers, you start to see things from new perspectives, understand human behavior, look beyond the obstacles, see more possibilities, start making good decisions and act. You will start to understand how some of your very gifts might hold you back. That you have amazing skills, but in some contexts, they can also have a backside. That some of your successes can be in the way of future successes. Maybe you've fallen into one of the famous 9 pitfalls of top performers. I'll help you see things that you cannot see about yourself. I'll help you get access to a new kind of POWER, and build the courage to take chances to create the success you want in the future. Creating what seems impossible for you, but as I know, is possible. With success, I don’t mean just money, career or status. I mean a satisfying life.

How we work
Intelligence is not the way to the next level of success. Sometimes intelligence can even stand in the way of what you want to create. By contrast, naivety and curiosity can be your greatest asset. I ask questions that no one else is willing to ask you. I help you understand how you see your world and how that creates your reality. When you change how you see your world, everything changes. 

We work together during 12 months and you will take quantum leaps within all areas of your life. Together we will lift you to the next level. I will challenge you and sometimes make you uncomfortable, so you can really get where you want. We will dive deeper than you have ever done before, to find yourself, your inner security, your strength, your drive, your curiosity, your energy, your joy, what you love, and what gives you meaning in life.

We work with 5 components - VISION, STRATEGY, MINDSET, SKILLS and ENERGY.

Vision - What do you want to create in life? What do you want to create this year? Why should you get up in the morning?
Strategy - How to reach your vision and create what you want out of yourself and life.
Mindset - What beliefs and psychological barriers control your life? We go deep and remove what is stopping you in life?
Skills - We build the skills you need to reach your vision.
Energy - We remove what drains you and fill your life with things that give you energy.

9.400 € or 10.500 $ excluding VAT. You will be sent an invoice with 30 days payment. 

Contact me for more information on how we tailor your program.


  • Clarify your visions and choose the best strategies for you to reach them.
  • Feel more secure and stronger so you can deliver your best.
  • Make better decisions both professionally and privately.
  • Fulfill your goals with vigor and clarity.
  • Clear away what is not working in your life.
  • Be able to meet challenges in a constructive way.
  • Develop your skills in different areas.
  • Find yourself and be able to communicate your needs.
  • Find joy, energy and motivation.
  • Strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem

Download the PDF with a more detailed description of the setup.


  • Startup meeting to clarify your goals and needs.
  • Unlimited number of sessions during 12 month. Physical meetings or phone/Skype/Zoom.
  • You can book me whenever you want.
  • Have me in the background when it really matters. Contact me at short notice before demanding meetings and performances, where you need support to perform your best.
  • Your own ROADMAP that guides you towards your personal vision of success, in a number of key areas of your life.
  • Check-ups, pep talks and idea-sharing between sessions.
  • Blueprints on how you turn everything into practie, in order to move towards your goals. 
  • Homework assignments and continuous follow-ups on your progress.
  • Tailored recordings to boost your development. 


I've had so many hang-ups on different things. To dive deeply into myself for a whole year, has made almost all my hang ups to disappear. I can perform on top, keep my focus better in my roles, and be confident that I am crazy good at what I do. Karin has helped me connect more with my heart, which has added much more depth in my roles as an actor, which I hadn’t before. Because my schedule is constantly changing and I travel a lot, Karin's flexibility to coach me when I needed it, and even come to the film location has been great. Actually, I would like to bring her everywhere, all the time.


I have so much pressure on me in different ways, and at one point I almost broke down. Karin has helped me get a distance to a lot of things and to feel how much POWER I actually have. I feel that I have a value as a human being, not just as an artist. I trust myself and my abilities more and more, and I have overcome my fear of going up on stage. Having Karin standing in behind the stage a couple of times has helped tremendously.


To always have Karin nearby for advice and tips in different situations has been invaluable. Whether it has been about solving conflicts, fire staff, employee evaluations, understanding difficult employees or meeting my own fears. After 1 year with Karin I have decided to hire her another year. She is my secret weapon.