The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Norman Doidge describes in his work how people can rebuild their brain, rewire it, using thoughts. He has met people who repaired their brain, whose learning disorders disappeared, whose IQ was raised, and 80-year-olds who got back the same sharp memory, they had at age 50.  

Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel shows that we with our thoughts can alter our brain structure. The brain has a hundred billion nerve cells, and it can create new courses, rewire, by blocking the existing neural pathways, highlighting alternative paths and develop new ones. And all of this is controlled by our thoughts. Just by thinking, genes turnes on that allows the formation of new neural pathways and neural connections (synapses) in the brain.

With my Rapid Transformational Coaching, I can access your programming and very quickly create new thoughts, which in turn creates new neural pathways, alter your brain structure and thereby the whole way you think, feel and act in life. You could say that I work with "mind hacking."


The conscious mind represents only a small part of our daily activities. Most of what we think, feel and do is controlled by our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is our hard drive. Everything that we have experienced in life, is stored here. Our feelings, driving forces, intuition, imagination and habits are stored here. Our subconscious mind has over time learned what is positive for us and makes us feel good, and what is painful for us and makes us feel bad. From this learnings the subconscious create different strategies that we carry with us in life. Every day, the subconscious mind makes over a thousand times more decisions than the conscious mind. When you feel that you cannot change something, you need to find the strategy that the subconscious has created and replace it with a new and better strategy.


While we are working, you are in a super-focused state in which your brain processes information in a different way, than when you are in a "normal" state. In this super-focused state, you can access your inner resources such as creativity, understanding and power to change. What makes Mind Hacking and Rapid Transformational Coaching so effective is that you get to the root of the problem. Whether your problem is more simple in nature or has a deeper reason, the number of sessions are very few in contrast to traditional techniques. Once you have found the cause of your blocking, your problem and its symptoms disappear.

How does the session feels like?
Most people experience a feeling of mental clarity and physical relaxation. You sharpen your senses, you become more alert and creative and can make faster, better decisions.

How many sessions are required?
Most of my clients rarely go more than 3 sessions, for a single problem.

What can you use it for?
Some areas in which Rapid Transformational Coaching has shown great effect is depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, anger, loneliness, jealousy, apathy, stress, various fears, phobias, hard to move on, destructivity, various addictions, insomnia, performance anxiety, fear of failure and doing wrong, being a people pleaser, always looking for confirmation, weak self condicence and low self-esteem. (I don't work with smoking cessation or weight loss.)

The result
You will strengthen your confidence and your self-esteem. You release the past and look forward. You will become condident, strong and act and react in a balanced way. You create trust and self-respect, which means that you make good choices in life. You will improve your ability to communicate, set goals, focus and achieve results. You get more clarity on who you are, what you want, and you get the fuel to get all the way to the finish line.


One of the techniques I am using is hypnosis, since hypnosis can help you unlock your potential and dissolving various blockages, negative emotions and states of mind. Together we can kick-start your creativity, motivation and goal programming.

Hypnosis is a natural state that is very comfortable. You pass the hypnotic state just before you fall asleep. All hypnosis is in a way self-hypnosis, as it's an internal process that occurs in the individual. However, there are some differences:

Clinical hypnosis assumes that you have an area of ​​expertise and that you then learn to apply hypnosis techniques within this field. In order to legally work with clinical hypnosis in the medical area, the dental area and therapy, the hypnosis treatment must be performed by a licensed physician, dentist, psychologist or therapist.

Self-hypnosis and development hypnosis are included in the the area of personal development, in which individuals can use hypnosis for self-development. Through self-hypnosis, the individual can create greater awareness and control over their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and create positive changes. The hypnotherapist is a kind of a catalyst for the internal process that takes place, and it is always the individual by themselves that will find  the solutions to their problems.


I have three types of clients:

  1. Clients that get an immediate change. It only takes a few days for them to integrate the changes.
  2. Clients who notice the changes gradually. The client notices that well-being is increasing and the problem will disappear over time.
  3. Clients that have a delayed reaction. Suddenly one day, the client discovers that the problem is gone. He/she hasn't noticed that it disappeared, the realization comes a while after, that he/she actually has changed. It is not uncommon that your surroundings notice the changes before you do.


All problems are not solved in one session. Sometimes it takes several sessions. Most of my clients do not need more than 3 sessions, but there are always exceptions. There are some general guidelines:

  1. The usual standard between sessions is about 1-2 months. Then you have time to experience what has improved and what we still need to work a little extra with.
  2. If you for example have an addiction, you may need to get your follow-up sessions a little tighter, to simply make sure that you do not "fall of the wagon."
  3. Some clients want support in their process over time, and will meet me regularly every 4-8 weeks during for example six months, to feel the security of having me at their side. During each session, we will strengthen you even more, to get where you want in life.
  4. Your problem is solved, but you want to work on another problem, or strengthen up another area of ​​your life. These clients come to me for several years, but only now and then to work with something new that has emerged.