Leadership #4.0

To become a winner in the fourth industrial revolution, a new type of leadership style is needed. Socially conscious leaders and companies are needed, that develop products and services to benefit society and that integrate social effects into their core strategies. Today, there is evidence that companies led by socially conscious leaders increase revenues more than those who have not found the balance between doing good and making money. The company that chooses to hire conscious leaders will create loyal customers and dedicated employees.

There are some basic qualities of a Leader #4.0

  • They can collect, interpret and act on the amount of valuable data that is available.
  • They think long term.
  • They take into account how their decisions affect society.
  • They don't act based on fear and threats, but focus on growth through how products and services can create social benefits.
  • They are looking for the unique human skills of the employees, which complements digitalisation.
  • They have the confidence to navigate the new terrain we are facing.
  • They understand and embrace the depth of "doing good" is good for business.

These are the leaders that will change the world!

Leadership is a verb
Leadership is not just a position, it is how you act. Being a good leader is something you practice. You need to train to manage the responsibilities and expectations that arise in a leadership role. In a time of short-term goals and quick results, as a leader, you need a clear GPS, confidence, wisdom, integrity, endurance and an ability to see and want to develop the potential that exists, for the benefit of all.

How do you use me?
With my special skills and training in Coaching Elite Top Performers, you will develop tremendously as a leader. This coaching requires courage and dedication. You regularly work with me to understand and be able to implement the qualities that a modern leader #4.0 stands for. Together we ventilate everything that happens in your job, in your career, in the workplace and in your private life. We analyze situations and people, choices and solutions. We create strategies and help you implement them so that you can stand strong and straight-backed as a leader. Together we connect brain and heart so that you can act both smart and with curiosity, joy and care. The intention is for you to achieve concrete, measurable results both professionally and privately. Together we will take you to the next level.

This is leadership training that suits managers at all levels. You subscribe to my services as long as you need them. Whether it is support for a longer period of time to reflect and implement, or short inserts of support during chaotic times.

575 € or 650 $ excluding VAT per month. Ongoing retainer that can be terminated at any time, with 3 months notice. You will be sent an invoice monthly with 30 days payment.

Contact me for more information on how we tailor your program.


  • Become a strong, confident and direct leader, no matter what level of management you are at.
  • Clarify your values and strengthen your internal GPS.
  • Understand and change your own programming.
  • Take command of your brain.
  • Understand the human psyche, both your own and others.
  • Be able to handle difficult situations and people.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Be clear in your communication.
  • Fulfill your goals with vigor and clarity.
  • Clear away what is not working in your life.
  • Be able to meet challenges in a constructive way.
  • Develop your skills in different areas.
  • Strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem.


  • Startup meeting to clarify your goals and needs.
  • Access to 2 hours of coaching per month. Physical meetings or phone/Skype/Zoom. 
  • Your own ROADMAP that guides you towards your personal vision of success, in a number of key areas of your life.
  • Check-ups, pep talks and idea-sharing between sessions.
  • Blueprints on how you turn everything into practie, in order to move towards your goals.
  • Homework assignments and continuous follow-ups on your progress.
  • Tailored recordings to boost your development. 

Download the PDF with a more detailed description of the setup.


Jag har varit chef i många år och aldrig gått en så bra ledarskapsutbildning som Karins. Hon borrar och borrar för att hitta mina djupaste blockeringar och rädslor och omvandlar dem till styrkor. Hon har lärt mig mycket om hur hjärnan fungerar och med den kunskapen kan jag nu gå in i möten och konflikter och läsa av människor på ett helt annat sätt. Det gör att jag kan hitta lösningar som skapar förståelse och motivation hos medarbetarna, istället för missnöje. 

Att ha Karin bredvid mig när det blåser gör att jag kan stå stadigt som chef. Jag kan möta kraven och förväntningarna från omgivningen, utan att svika mina ideal och min drivkraft att bidra till samhällsnyttan. 

Jag är ny chef och hade inte riktigt klart för mig hur jag skulle vara en bra chef. Som ny chef får man sällan skräddarsydd utbildning för att klara av chefsjobbet, så jag är så tacksam att mitt företag gav mig chansen att ha Karin som mentor i nästan ett helt år. 

Today I lead my staff in a completely different way. I'm calm, maintaining my focus, pushing in a good way. My staff has noticed the changes and I get praise for how I lead. The best thing about Karin's mentorship is that she never lets you out of her sight.


Det absolut bästa med Karins coaching har varit att få insikt i hur mina programmeringar har styrt mig som chef. Alla mina beslut, reaktioner och strategier. Med lite tålamod har jag kunnat bryta gamla beteenden och idag känner jag mig mer som en ledare, än chef. Jag känner stolthet över den person jag har blivit!