I create change.

I’m trained in a REVOLUTIONARY system that leaves the basic life coaching far behind. Rapid Transformational Coaching (RTC) creates ripple effects in my clients’ lives. They change their entire FOUNDATION of who they are and how they see life. They create freedom! 

Traditional coaching usually takes place primarily in a horizontal dimension. Coaches help their clients to get from A to B. I work in a vertical dimension, because that is where the deep and lasting changes occur. I will help you to get from B to A. Back to your basic settings. When you were happy, confident, strong and curious about life. Before you were uncertain about your capacity, before you got your blockings, before you set up obstacles for yourself.


The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Norman Doidge describes in his work how people can rebuild their brain, rewire it, using thoughts. He has met people who repaired their brain, whose learning disorders disappeared, whose IQ was raised, and 80-year-olds who got back the same sharp memory, they had at age 50.  

Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel shows that we with our thoughts can alter our brain structure. The brain has a hundred billion nerve cells, and it can create new courses, rewire, by blocking the existing neural pathways, highlighting alternative paths and develop new ones. And all of this is controlled by our thoughts. Just by thinking, genes turnes on that allows the formation of new neural pathways and neural connections (synapses) in the brain.

With my Rapid Transformation Coaching I can access your programming and very quickly create new thoughts, which in turn creates new neural pathways, alter your brain structure and thereby the whole way you think, feel and act in life. You could say that I work with "mind hacking."

I am an expert in creating rapid changes. With my tailored Rapid Transformational Coaching, mind hacking and hypnosis, you will notice big and deep changes in your life very quickly. Most of my clients rarely go more than 3 sessions for a problem. If you want more comprehensive changes in your life, I recommend my mentorship.

Everything I do is tailored to suit your individual needs. When we work together, it is switch on time. Together, we remove the blockings that prevents you from feeling good in life and get where you want. I will push you and support you and I work hard for you to get the absolute best results. And yes, there will be a mix of laughter, tears and a lot of insights.

We work with one problem at a time. Don't come with a shopping list. Pick an issue that is important to you to solve first. However, several problems are often linked together and when we solve one problem, we often solve several simultaneously.

Some areas in which my Rapid Transformational Coaching has shown great effect is depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, anger, loneliness, jealousy, apathy, stress, various fears, phobias, hard to move on, destructivity, various addictions, insomnia, performance anxiety, fear of failure and doing wrong, being a people pleaser, always looking for confirmation, weak self condicence and low self-esteem. (I don't work with smoking cessation or weight loss.) Please read here how my technique works.

I will help you begin to trust yourself, your abilities and feeling ”I am good enough”. I will help you with your creativity and motivation. To find your own value, so that you begin to treat yourself with more respect and care. You release the past and look forward. You will become confident, strong and act and react in a balanced way. You create trust and self-respect, which means that you make good choices in life. You will improve your ability to communicate, set goals, focus and achieve results. You get more clarity on who you are, what you want, and you get the fuel to get all the way to the finish line. 

My clients say it is like upgrading their operating system.