About Modesty
"The most complex, sophisticated, skilled and intelligent of all action  heroines."
— Jennifer K. Stuller, author of Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology

It started around 12 years old with Modesty Blaise, also called The Princess. I devoured every episode. I loved her elegance, her sense of adventure, her classical training in literature and philosophy, self-control, she learned from the 150-year-old Indian guru Sivaji, her well-placed boot kicks and the kongo that always was hidden in her hair. But above all, I liked her loyalty and kindness. To navigate people in the correct direction, you need to be smart, inventive and have good intentions. You need to be a Modesty. It suits me perfectly.

I love creating a space for people to connect with their
true selves. I love to see my clients find their own
STAR QUALITY. A journey, where I am the tool. You are
the destination.

I navigate individuals to a whole new mindset, in 5th gear.
I give lectures and workshops and write about personal
development in social media. I also work as a on-set coach
at television and film shoots to maximize participants'
performance in front of the camera. My base is in Malmö
(Sweden), but I work with clients all over the world.

Seen on TV and radio. 


  • C.C.Ht and Cl.Hyp – Certified clinical hypnotherapist
    C.A.Ht – Certified advanced hypnotherapist
    CPPD - Certificate in personal and professional development
  • A.C.H.E. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by The American Council of
    Hypnotist Examiners
  • Internationally certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist (advanced level) by
    National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) 
  • Accredited Member MICP (Accred) by International Council of Psychotherapists
  • Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist by International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists (IAPCH)
  • Strategic Intervention Coach, trained by Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes
  • Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation
  • Certified Clear Beliefs Coach
  • Soulful Transformation Therapist
  • Trained in Clean Language
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Certified SoulKey Therapist
  • Certified in "Hardwire Lasting Happiness into your Brain" by
    neuropsychologist Rick Hanson
  • Trained in Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett
  • Trained in META-medicine
  • University education in psychology, performance development and leadership
  • Health care education


BA in Media and Communications. Journalism at Poppius School of Journalism and 1.5 years of university education in psychology, performance development and  leadership.  Other university education is marketing, business administration, project management, rhetoric and strategic management. Worked as a TV producer for 16 years and with marketing, public relations and branding for more than 10 years, including several years in management positions. 25 years of experience working with nutrition, exercise and motivation.