The best way to predict your future, is to create it
Visualizing your future – the day, a meeting, a situation, a year from now – is very efficient in creating your own future. Even Navy SEALs, the US Navy's toughest guys and one of the world's toughest elite troops, often brought in for impossibly difficult assignments, learn to visualize how they succeed in their challenges and the steps they take toward their goals.
Mentally rehearsing your future, rehearsing THE ACTION of what you want, is going to help you create your own future. Why is it so effective? Because the brain doesn’t know the difference between what you are imagining and what you are experiencing in the world.
The brain is a predictor. The brain gets information from the senses and through sensations from the body. The brain doesn’t have access to the causes, only the effects. The brain has to guess about the causes, so it uses past experiences as a reference point. Then the brain reacts accordingly to these predictions. This is why we often are stuck in a route. Our brain predicts what is going to happen, and then uses the same reactions and coping mechanisms as in the past and therefore creating the same future over and over again.
If you instead teach your brain/body how you ACT to get the results, and how the future FEELS like, ahead of the actual event happening, you will create the power to move forward.
Here is where most of us twist things around. We wait for something outside of us to make us feel good on the inside. We say “when I’m in a relationship, I will be happy” or “when I get this job, I will feel good about myself” You can’t wait for a relationship to feel love, or a job to feel successful. When you start to feel love, abundance, wholeness, successful IN THE MOMENT, you cause an effect. When you visualize, you use your brain as a map of the future. You will become a creator of your world, your future.
Every morning, VISUALIZE for 1 minute how you want to ACT during the day, or in life generally. See yourself doing the things that lead you to your goal or your future self. Then add FEELINGS. How does it feel to be that person, doing your thing? After the visualization, go to the mirror and “high-five” yourself for being the creator.