A lot of teachers within personal development highlight the importance of starting the day the right way. The American coach Mel Robbins says "It doesn't matter when you wake up, but how you wake up". I myself have written about the importance of a good start in the morning because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. But… it is important to understand that there are always additional perspectives on everything. In this case too.

This week I worked with a client who mentioned that he read about how important it was to start the day in the right way. But starting the day in the "right" way became an obstacle for him. Because when he did not get it right in the morning, he thought it was not worthwhile to continue doing good things during the day, most things failed and he went to bed in the evening dissatisfied with himself.

So he needed to turn it around. I suggested FINISH STRONG. That the important thing is not how he starts the day, but that he ends the day in a way that allows him to put his head on the pillow in the evening, happy with himself because he has done a couple of good things during the day.

The important thing in your own growth is to understand that there is no "one size fits all". If you are inspired to start the day in the right way because it gives you a positive boost - do your morning rituals. However, if you feel pressure and feel like a failure if your morning doesn't start right, make sure to finish strong. That you have more opportunities during the day to do those good things for yourself.

So choose what suits you. Start the day right/good or end strong. The important thing is that you do something.