In the life of golfer Tiger Woods, it was the development of the machine Tiger that came first. Tiger himself tells how his father psyched him to make him mentally stronger and to be able to ignore disturbing circumstances and negativity when he would compete.

The training to turn Tiger into a machine made him the world's best golfer of all time. The price tag has not been as fun. Injuries, drugs, scandals… A machine without the ability to make close human connections or having fun.

The most important lesson here is that it is not only important to be mentally strong, you also need to be emotionally stable, you need connection and you need to have fun. Old, stored, unprocessed emotions can explode later in life and that is when many do stupid and irrational things. After the father's tough upbringing, there was probably both anger and a feeling of not being good enough, in Tiger.

Tiger had an enormously high physical pain threshold, he could push himself as far as he wanted and he even won the US Open with a broken leg. But how did he deal with the emotional pain he seemed to be carrying? Hard military training, drugs, women…

It is only after rehabilitation that the development of the human Tiger has been allowed to take place. A development that should naturally take place at a young age and with parents and other authorities as good examples.

Tiger Woods said: The machine got me here. Now I have to develop into something else.

11 years later, in 2019, Tiger made a comeback as a golfer and won the US Open. But the biggest comeback is the one he has made into a functioning adult.

Watch the interesting documentary TIGER on HBO.

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