What if you could be everything you wanted to be, to exist completely without limitations. A breathtaking thought. But if you are already everything, always, everywhere, then there is nowhere to go and nothing to become. Everything that could become something, is already. And everything that could happen has already happened.
Our existence and our limitations are closely linked together, and for our lives to be interesting, the limitations are needed.
Superman was created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. In the beginning, Superman could move cars, trains and even ships. He could run faster than the train and he could jump over tall buildings. After a while his powers began to expand and in the late 60's he could fly faster than light, he had super hearing and X-ray vision, he could melt metal with his eyes, freeze objects and cause hurricanes with his breath, he could move planets, nuclear explosions could not injure him and if he was injured, he healed immediately. Superman became invulnerable.
Something strange started to happen here. He became boring. The more amazing his abilities became, the harder it was to find interesting things for him to do. Superman's problem was that he could get out of any situation and that made him boring, which made his character Superman almost die out.
They then started rewriting Superman and removed a lot of his superpowers. He could no longer move planets, he became dependent on the sun for his powers, he became vulnerable to kryptonite. Superman simply got restrictions. A superhero who can do just about anything turned out to be a non-hero. He is nothing specific, therefore he is nothing. He has nothing to strive for, so you can’t admire him.
So being someone seems to require limitations. Maybe because BEING requires to BECOME. To become something or someone means to become something more, or at least something different. And becoming something more or different is only possible for something that is limited.
See your limitations as an opportunity to strive to become something more. This is what makes life interesting.


You must not miss this documentary. The Social Dilemma is a wake-up call, not only how our civilization can be destroyed but also how we are constantly programmed to see the world in a special way and to doubt ourselves and others. The following line from the movie is quite telling: Drug dealers and software developers are the only producers who refer to their consumers as "users." In order to have FREEDOM, you need to realize that you are in a Matrix. Stop being a "user" and start creating your own future.

There is a simple question you need to ask if you want to build a high performing team: "Who is the asshole?" Simon Sinek explains in a very fun way how to identify toxic people in your team who can be successful in the short term, but harm a team in the long run.

I have done OPEN SESSION with small groups in France and England. Now I am introducing it here in Sweden as well. We work together to create breakthroughs, all participants are active and everything happens in real-time. Welcome to send an inquiry.

I never thought the book would be translated into English. Prices ranged from 80-100,000 SEK excluding VAT for a translation. I thought it was crazy expensive, since I have no idea if the book will sell abroad. After some research, I found a  guy who helped me for a much smaller amount. Maybe the book would need some extra readings and corrections, but I'm starting to learn not to be perfect. So I finally release the book on Amazon Kindle, both in Swedish and English

The next project will be POD (Print on Demand) for foreign countries. How will I have time to write my new book?