The summer has really been different in many ways. And I have a feeling that autumn will also be different in the world. It is now important to trust that everything will be as it should be. To trust the process. Something I have never been particularly good at. Even as a little girl, I learned that if I wanted something to happen, I had to take command. This has been a motto I have lived by all my life. That's why my best friend Teresia calls me "The Producer". I am always active, steering, producing, driven...

A practical example of this is social media. I have not trusted the process. Instead, For a long time I have thought about what I really want to write about, how I should write, write in English or Swedish and whether I should be on social media at all. The result has been that very little has happened. I have been stuck in my "producer" brain in an attempt to control the process. A process that was not ready to begin.

In recent years, I have trained myself to sit back even more, relax, trust the process and wait for the right timing. It's hard, but I'm slooooooowly getting better. A couple of weeks ago, I received my reward, for letting go of the process around social media. Suddenly the timing was right. How did I know? I started producing material, quite naturally in English. According to the experts, I'm probably extremely late on the ball. For me, the timing is perfect.

This gave me a valuable insight. Don't listen to others around the right timing. Do not force. You're not late. You have your own timeline. Sometimes your higher wiser self has its own timeline. Trust the process. Lean back. Wait until you feel the timing is right. How do you know that? You will naturally start doing what you have been putting off for a long time. It will feel natural, almost easy.

So what can you let go of right now and trust the process? How can you begin to lean back more?

Did you know that a chess player can burn up to 6,000 calories a day, without getting up from his chair? Thinking burns a lot of energy. Therefore, many people feel a lack of energy in life when they ruminate, worry or overthink. The brain tries to help you by automating.

When we think of rejection, we think of pain. So we do everything to fit in, be liked and be significant. But what if we could allow rejection and that everyone has the right to reject us?

Most of us are afraid of criticism and of being judged. But there is actually a fear behind that, which is the real fear. And it's about survival. The strongest driving force we humans can have.

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