Are you sending yourself expensive bills? STOP IT!

Some of my clients ask me when they are going to stop feeling bad, or stop the negative behavior, or stop getting into situations that aren’t good for them. My answer to that is: When you say STOP and LET GO. There isn’t any vicious God that wants you to feel bad, there is no bad luck (or at least not very often), and it is often not other peoples fault that you are where you are. It is you. If a person hurt you in the past, the hurting is already over, it doesn’t happen anymore. You are just still carrying around the bad emotion about it. You are after billing yourself.

I bet you have experienced at least a couple of times in your life that you had a quarrel with a person, you make up, but you notice that the person gives you small needle pinches here and there, for a while. If it is a coworker, maybe that person is not as helpful as they use to be, maybe everything takes a little bit longer for them to do. Or maybe your partner is having a head ache are not in the mood for sex. Or maybe the person doesn’t want to talk to you.

This is what I call after billing (efterfakturering in Swedish). You keep getting these bills from that other person, until they have really forgiven you and LET GO. You have probably sent some bills yourself, to people who have hurt you. Giving them small needle sticks here and there. But what you forget is that you also send these bills to yourself. And probably with some interest rate as well. These bills create negative feelings of resentment, anger, sadness and guilt. And these bills can get even more expensive. If the other person doesn’t get their bill, because you have no contact with them and can’t be reconciled, or that person doesn’t care about what he or she did and you have no one to direct your feelings towards, the bill is returned to you. And they start to pile up.  

When I work with my clients, I notice that a lot of their bad feelings come from not saying STOP. They are sending these bills to themselves, years after the actual hurt. They are not able to LET GO. Hypnosis is a good way to stop the after billing.

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